What are we doing?

A new model of care

We are redesigning the health and care system so that all those involved in a person’s care can work together in community teams. These new teams will work together to keep people well and out of hospital as much as possible in a Multi-Specialty Community Provider (MCP) model.


Things you have told us matter most to you...

Improved Access

Services that are easy to contact, there when you need them most and available in the right place.
We have already opened the new Urgent Care Centre and improved GP opening hours. You can book appointments for your GP online and we are going to give you access to some services without the need for you to visit your GP. In response to your feedback, we are now considering a single number to call for all services, with more online options and we are moving specialists into the community to make it even easier to get great care.

Continuity of Care

We know it’s important that all the people involved in your care have access to the right information and can provide you with continuous support to manage your health and care.

A new way of supporting people with on-going health conditions is being tested, it gives more time for conversations about your health and looks at all your care planning needs. We want to give you more control over who has access to your health information and ensure that everyone who needs to see information to support you can do. We are interested in what you need to manage your health and care and will be testing out new technologies to help you to continue living independently.

Coordination of Care

Dudley people most at risk of spending time in hospital need the people who plan and deliver their care to talk and work together. This team working helps to keep people healthy and supported, at home, for as long as possible. Social workers, district nurses, mental health workers and voluntary sector link workers are now working together and we know it's already making a really positive difference to lives. We do know there is more we can do at the end of people’s lives to make sure they die in the place they feel most comfortable, which may not be in hospital and our plans to extend this new way of working will help us to make changes.

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